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1st Semester BEd Digest with Suggestions (English Version)

275 Incl. Of GST

As per DElEd New Syllabus 1st Year 2022 DElEd Scanner WBBPE Proshnottorsoho Suggestion

280 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Bisoybasture Dharna o Somporko (Understanding Discipline and Subject) – First Semester (Bengali Version)

173 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Childhood & Growing Up – First Semester (English Version)

220 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Contemporary India and Education – – First Semester (English Version)

270 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Drama and Arts in Education – Second Semester (English Version)

134 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Knowledge and Curriculum – Second Semester (English Version)

310 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Learning and Teaching – Second Semester (English Version)

290 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Samkalin Bharatbarshe o Siksha (Contemporary India and Education) – First Semester (Bengali Version)

274 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Sishu O Bikas (Childhood and Growing up) – First Semester (Bengali Version)

164 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed – Understanding Discipline and Subject – First Semester (English Version)

130 Incl. Of GST

B.Ed. – Language Across the Curriculum – First Semester (English Version)

147 Incl. Of GST